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Read What Patients Are Saying about Duncan Chiropractic Clinic in Duncan, BC

Dr. Andrew Nadon Testimonials

At 5 months pregnant I was forced to leave work due to the pressure and discomfort felt in my hips and lower back. Dr. Andrew Nadon has been able to eliminate all discomfort associated with pelvic shifts experienced late in pregnancy. Prenatal chiropractic has enabled me to enjoy the later stages of pregnancy and look forward to the birthing process, knowing that my pelvis is in optimal position. I highly recommend Dr. Nadon to any woman experiencing the discomforts of pregnancy. With the clinic offering a specialized pregnancy table and modern techniques, there is nothing to lose but your discomfort.


October 17, 2014

I don’t use a heat pack anymore. I’m not begging for backrubs from my mom anymore either.

James M.

(10 years old)

I feel the difference in my back. Nowhere near the pain I had. No more gripping, radiating pain. Now, just mild discomfort. I’m impressed. I even sleep 2 extra hours each night.

Rosa J.


Dr. Tanya Clarke-Young Testimonials

The voice on other end of the phone was quiet but very confident as I listened to the words from Tanya, my chiropractor. “Derek, I know you are in terrible pain and you think it will never end, but believe me, I can help to make it better.” It was the winter of 2010 and the Vancouver Olympic Winter games had just come to a magnificent close. I had spent way too much time watching and just being a couch potato. As an older, retired athlete, I always watched the Olympics, but this one was different because it caused me some of the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. From the inactive life of an Olympic TV program watcher to splitting a wee bit of firewood was a leap too far. On the very first axe swing, it happened, and “something went” in my back. Yes, I had known pain as a competitive cyclist, especially from the occasional crash. I have even suffered the pain of a kidney stone, but my excruciating back pain was simply unbearable. I couldn’t move, cough, or breathe deeply, and to walk was frightening to this otherwise tough fellow.

I took Tanya at her word and with the assistance of my daughter, I dragged myself down to Tanya’s office. Tanya was far better than her word because I actually walked unassisted out of her office, and following 2 other visits, I was mobile and pain free again. I have unreservedly recommended Tanya to anyone I know that needs the assistance of a good chiropractor and I will be forever thankful for her expertise, health advice and her humanity.

With many thanks, Tanya.


Duncan, BC

All my life I have been a very active person. I love to swim, hike, bike and anything else that is fun and comes my way. I had never had any pain through my life until a car accident changed all that. The lawyers I was working with recommended a local chiropractor named Tanya Clarke-Young. Upon first meeting, I trusted her immediately. She took the time to examine my history and the injuries associated with the car accident. There were times that I would arrive at her office in tears from the pain. Her ability to empathize while working to relieve all the pain I had always made me feel so safe. She worked consistently with my back and neck pain and even helped me to reach a major life milestone: to not only run again, but to run a half marathon. If you are fortunate to become one of her clients, your life will be that much richer.

Sharon, 2015

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